Welcome to Ozone Swim purification systems
Experience healthy crystal clear & odour free water at your place

Welcome to Ozone Swim purification systems

Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems are unique as they are the only product on the market that combine the power of Ozone and mineral/salt water chlorination to create the ultimate in soft, hygienic and odour free water for your swimming pool.

By choosing to invest in a pool sanitation system that promotes cleaner, healthier water, you are choosing to invest in the health of your family – and to reduce operating costs over time.


Ozone Swim not only reduces the amount of Chlorine added to the water but also reduces red eyes, itchy skin and is safe for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Read about the full Ozone Swim benefits here.

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Benefits of Ozone Swim



Chlorine levels are reduced by up to 80%.



Red eyes and itchy skin are elimated.



Ozone Swim is safe for asthma & allergy sufferers.



“Ozone 1 approximately 6 months ago attended our site to help me with a problem with our indoor pool. We were constantly getting negative feedback about the chlorine smell in our indoor pool. The boys from Ozone 1 installed 2 pieces of equipment which alleviated this problem straight away; they installed a Bluei 302 Smart Controller and an Ozone Swim Pool Purification system. Since the installation of this equipment we have not had 1 single complaint from guests and our owners and myself are extremely happy and looking forward to doing more business with Ozone 1. I would be happy to confirm my thoughts to any perspective buyer if needed.” John Banks – Chief Engineer